OD Demo 1

by Oxygen Destroyer

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released December 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Oxygen Destroyer Seattle, Washington

Taking influence from Teutonic Thrash and Old School Death Metal, we come together to create a sound that captures the brutality and hatred of the Kaiju, bestial forces of nature that symbolize nuclear warfare, and the ignorance of humanity.


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Track Name: Relentless Desire For Nuclear Radiation
Rising from the depths of Tokyo Bay,
A living force of nature with malevolent intentions

Rupturing the power plant
Source of his creation
Thermonuclear energy igniting his resentment for mankind

Absorbing the reactor,
Strength maximized
Unconstrained power surges through his veins

Radioactive shocks impulse from his body
Scourging through the land
Transforming earth into a desolate wasteland

For nuclear,

Absorbing the reactor
Strength maximized
Unconstrained power surges through his veins
Track Name: Onslaught Of The Precambrian Hordes
Dwelling within the sea since the dawn of time
Ancient crustaceans awaken from their dormancy

Chemical pollution contaminating the horde
Rapidly evolving into a legion of animosity

Swarming with detestation
Slaughtering all in sight
Forming their masses together
Birthing the embodiment of wickedness

Tearing through the throat of the bestial son
Laughing as the child chokes on his own blood

Sensing a disturbance
The tyrant beast arises
Unfathomable rage overwhelming his mind

Spiral rays ignite the battleground
Desacrating Tokyo's remains
Defenseless the demon falls to his knees puking floods of gore
Track Name: Summoning The Moth Of Divinity
Day morphs to night as smoke engulfs the sky
Conjured by the flames of the tyrant king

Laughing with contentment at the sight of dying victims
Cries of death fill the air

From within a hidden land
A deity of peace heeds the calls
Rising from her cavern shrine
Sworn to protect the inhabitants of earth

Fighting with determination
The majestic moth engages
Unleashing holy beams
As the wretched behemoth desolates earth

Assaulting the sacred beast
Scales descend her wings
Conducting bolts of energy
Reflecting the monstrosity's scorching rays

Grasped within her talons
The tyrant beast subdued
Screeching with anger as he's sealed beneath the oceans depths
Track Name: Atomic Breath
Conjured by the atom bomb
Hate encompassing diety
Destined to ensure the extinction of humanity

Infiltrating Tokyo
Death is overflowing
Dorsal plates upon his back ominously glowing

Jaws opened wide
Searing rays unleashed
Innocent women and children completely vaporized

Countless suffering victims
Devoured by the flames
Consistently enduring eternal detestation

Ashes of the dead litter the ground
Scorched by atomic breath
Radioactivity intensifying rapidly as the sacred beast of the apocalypse brings for death